The Mobile Malaria Project is a scientific expedition to two main aims. The first is to document and communicate the past success, current innovations and future challenges to malaria control across sub-Saharan Africa. We will achieve this by driving a unique transect coast to coast across Africa, from Namibia to Kenya, interviewing researchers and recording and documenting our experiences as we travel. It will be a unique record of the state of malaria research in sub-Saharan Africa in 2019.

Secondly, we will test the potential for genetic data to be used as a tool to help control and eliminate malaria. We will take the very latest mobile genetic sequencing technology on the road and will perform realtime genetic analysis of parasite and mosquito DNA in the field. Working with collaborators, we will test new malarial infections and mosquito populations for the presence of drug or insecticide resistance markers. The Mobile Malaria Project is a collaboration between British and African scientists and a major ambition for the expedition is to raise awareness for the need for scientific training and infrastructure investment in Africa so that future African scientists can perform similar analyses to those undertaken during the expedition.